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How One Stop elevates your business to increase your sales and profitability.

The daily challenge of any store is to stay profitable. External factors such as energy costs, product prices and consumer confidence can have a major impact on the trajectory of a business. Navigating an ever-changing market alone can be difficult, however One Stop’s franchisees have a wealth of benefits which allows them to thrive and achieve award-winning results, standing far above the competition in profit and execution.

Our pledge is to increase profits and exceed retailer expectations. We do this by providing: a high quality, high value range, market-leading promotions, a reliable infrastructure, an award-winning online delivery platform, effective in-house marketing, trusted partnership and support, and innovative technology.

The customer is at the heart of our operation, with our mission of ‘serving the customers, communities and planet a little better everyday‘ resonating through everything we do. As a result of our dedication to the customer, both our company estate and franchisees’ businesses continue to grow each year, as we enjoy success together.

Let’s look a little closer into the contributing factors to increased sales and profit that One Stop stores experience.

“I have increased my sales 40%, this is really good for me and really good for growing my business.”

Kunal Vorha, One Stop Franchisee.

A High Quality & High Value Range

Stocking shelves with products that customers will keep coming back for.

One Stop pride ourselves on the range we provide to our customers. As a subsidiary of Tesco PLC, we have access to consumer insights that allow us to continually remove low performing lines and replace them with products that provide everyday value for our customers. Our fresh range of ‘Selected by Tesco’ also clearly shows the Tesco logo, giving customers the brand’s quality assurance.

Our Eat Street range provides a variety of food to go options alongside quality meal deal snacks and confectionary, and positions stores as destinations within the community when paired with essential services offered such as Evri Delivery, Lottery, and Paypoint. To learn more about the extensive benefits of providing One Stop’s product range, click here.

Market Leading Promotions

Permanent, bi-weekly, and seasonal promotions to keep customers excited about your store.

If a store does not refresh its offering and offer promotions, customers can become fatigued and search elsewhere. It is important to strike a balance between reliable deals on frequently purchased products and lucrative time-sensitive offers that drive impulse purchases. One Stop has perfected this balance. That’s what makes us market leading.

Permanent promotions on fresh meal deals, frozen meal deals, confectionary and off-license keep footfall at a steady high, whilst bi-weekly rolling promotions retain customers by encouraging them to return to our stores seeking the latest high-value bargain. Alongside this, seasonal promotions drive sales and profits during peak periods, such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Each promotion maintains a great margin per sale, contributing to an increase in profit. To learn more about our market leading promotions, click here.

Award-winning Online Delivery Options

A tried and tested method to increases sales and profits by delivery quality products to our customers.

Our online delivery offering revolutionised the convenience space. As the first to partner with major delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, we learnt as we went, until being ready to offer our franchisees a perfected method for increased sales and profit. With each passing day online delivery becomes less of a bonus and more of a necessity for convenience stores. Online delivery allows independent retailers to open up an entirely new avenue for sales and profit. For an independent retailer, if you do not offer online delivery, your competitor will.

The steps we have taken to ensuring our online delivery offering is a resounding success has earned us praise from the entire retail industry. In 2023, we were awarded Best Use of Technology at the Retail Industry Awards for our approach to online delivery.

To learn more about our online delivery offering, click here.

Our Reliable Infrastructure

A business fueled by the insights and learnings of Tesco Group delivering to your door.

As a subsidiary of Tesco Group PLC, One Stop Stores Ltd gains a vast amount of insight. By applying data and learnings we receive, we run a successful and effective business with an infrastructure that is tried and tested.

We have three distribution centers across England which enable us to deliver to England, Scotland, Wales, and Crown Dependencies such as the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man. Our distribution centers are conveiniently located in Brownhills, Nursling and Wakefield for optimal delivery efficiency and reach.

To succeed, a store must be full of high quality, great value products. Full shelves creates more sales, and more profit. We ensure that every franchisee’s store is full and prepared to provide the best service possible to its customers.

Effective in-house Marketing

Ensuring customers are aware of our incredible offering at all times.

One Stop are consistently following strategic plans and implementing new marketing campaigns to both reach new customers, and retain current customers. We know that our deals are market-leading, and it is important that our customers know that too.

Each franchisee benefits from our in-house marketing, as we partner with national newspapers, retail press publications, online-delivery platforms, and ensure all channels such as our website, social media, online advertising, television advertising and in-store advertising to push our latest and greatest promotions to as many potential customers as possible.

As well as providing a broad service in acquiring customers, we also tend to our franchisees specific needs. If a franchisee is launching a new exclusive deal, or is adding a specific local range to their store, we support them by working with the franchisee and creating marketing collateral, such as leaflets, to advertise the franchisee in their local area.

Trusted Partnership and Support

Our retail experts guide you into making the correct decisions for your business’ success.

One Stop provide its franchisees with the ultimate toolkit to success as a convenience store owner. We use a wealth of knowledge collected from the operations of our company estate, data available to us as part of Tesco, and learnings from our close relationships with independent retailers to inform the way we guide your success journey.

Transitioning your business from familiarity to something new can be daunting. Our pledge is to support and educate our franchisees from the very beginning of their journey. Launch Support Managers assist in preparing your store and your team. Business Development Managers visit frequently to consult on decisions whilst considering the unique positioning of your business to drive profit. The Franchise Action Line and IT Helpdesk are on hand to answer your calls and remedy issues. Online Training Guides are always available to teach you and your team the best practices of retail. To learn more about how One Stop can be your reliable business partner click here.

Innovative Technology

We keep you ahead of technological change.

One Stop are award-winning for our technological advancements in the market, and how we apply that technology to our stores operation. Each store is fit with our multi-million pound EPoS system, which enables auto-replenishment systems, remote access to stores and artificial intelligence fueled purchasing systems, which guarantees that weather-effected products are stocked in preparation for cooler or hotter periods. All of our technology combined gives independent retailers the perfect toolkit to scale their operation. Our technological offering has a depth of benefits available. To learn more about those benefits click here.

Is your store lacking that extra push it needs to be a highly successful convenience store? Do you want to benefit from One Stop’s long list of exclusive benefits? Get in touch. Have a no-obligation conversation with our retail experts, and we can discuss how we may be able to work together in the future.

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