A Nationally Respected Brand

A Historic, Experienced, and Expert Brand

One Stop is respected for our integrity and success within the convenience sector.

When independent retailers join One Stop as our franchise partners, they become part of a historic journey that began in 1975. One Stop, now owned by Tesco, has grown to become amongst the most prominent and well respected retail brands in the United Kingdom. Our ability to delivery a brilliant customer experience, great value to our shoppers, dedication to our community, and foresight into innovations within the market makes us stand our to both consumers and peers within retail and the convenience sector. And, we provide that ability to stand out to our franchisees.

Our rich history contributes to our reputation of being retail experts. Knowledge comes from experience, and we have a lot of both. To learn more about our history, experience, and expertise, read below.

“Absolutely the best thing I did – You just cannot beat it!”

-Harman Basainty, One Stop Franchisee.

Humble Beginnings

Reflecting on where the journey began for One Stop.

Our humble beginnings were started by Kevin Threlfall in 1975 as a market stall in Wolverhampton. After five years as a ‘pop up’ shop Threlfall opened his first permanent store ‘Supercigs’ and then joined forces with David Lockett-Smith to become co-founder of ‘T&S Stores’.

The popularity of newsagents gained speed in the 80s and through several acquisitions, T&S gained household names including Dillons and Day + Nite and rapidly grew. In 2002, Tesco purchased T&S convenience stores, Dillons and Supercigs, changing to the brand ‘One Stop’, as we are known today, and our success continued to gain momentum.

Presently, we are an award-winning brand recognised throughout the industry for our long history and experience in retail. To read about the awards we have won, click here.

Brilliant Customer Experience

We ensure our shopper journey is always positive and encourage customer retention.

Our stores are designed with the shopper in mind. We provide extensive training to our colleagues, and our franchisee’s employees, to ensure they are confident in approaching customer interactions responsibly and aiming towards a positive outcome. Have Your Say, our customer feedback scheme also runs throughout each of our company stores, and is opt-in for our franchisees, which allows us to receive feedback on a large scale and adjust accordingly.

Great Value to Customers

How our product offering, promotions and pricing effects our brand.

Market-leading promotions do not just bring customers into a store once, they make sure customers return for the next great deal. With our bi-weekly promotions influenced by season, holiday and economic climate, customers are attracted to return to your store – rather than competitors in the local area. These promotions come with sustainable margins too, meaning both you and your customers benefit.

To complement our bi-weekly promotions, we offer long-term offers on fresh, frozen, meal deals, confectionary, and off-license. These offers delight customers and are a cornerstone of One Stop’s reputation of being number one on price and value.

Alongside these great promotions, we implement our Eat Street Range, Evri Delivery Service, Online Deliveries, Lottery, Extensive Product Offering, full Vape & Tobacco offerings, and stock our ‘Own Label’ and ‘Selected by Tesco’ ranges – marking your store leagues above the competition. To read more about our value to customers, click here.

Dedication to our Community

Both locally and nationally, One Stop are contributed to providing a helping hand.

As a brand we support national charities and encourage our store managers and franchisees to support their local communities. In the last nine years, we have worked with our customers and franchisees to raise over £10,000,000 for charities across the United Kingdom. Some of the national charities we have worked with are: Alzheimer’s Society, Children in Need, Fareshare UK, Too Good to Go and Olio. Many of our franchisees support their local communities, and we help them to be recognised within the industry by writing to the trade press and assisting them with industry awards.

To read some of the great work our franchisees have been doing in the community, click here. To read more about our charitable work as a brand, click here.

Do you want to stand out in your local area? It all starts with a conversation. For a no-obligation chat with a member of our team we encourage you to contact us today and find out if you are the right fit for One Stop Franchise.

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