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One Stop is a multi-award-winning grocery retailer that is recognised by the industry year-on-year. Each year we guide our franchisees towards reaching their full potential. As we identify rising stars and exceptional entrepreneurs, we encourage and assist them in entering industry awards. When entering, we support our franchisees and assist them with building award-winning applications, providing additional supporting media to showcase their accomplishments, and highlighting their unique strengths as business owners. Our franchisees are the best in class, They are vital to the success of One Stop and therefore it’s important to us that their significant achievements are shared and recognised amongst their peers and industry leaders.

To learn about some of our most recent major brand award wins, continue to read below.

One Stop winning the Grocer Gold Awards 2021 Franchise Retailer of the Year, after a brilliant year of growth and supporting their franchisees.

Best Use of Technology – Multiple: Winner

The Retail Industry Awards – 2023.

Our win of ‘Best Use of Technology – Multiple’ at the Retail Industry Awards 2023 fell on a particularly innovative year for One Stop & One Stop Franchise. Launching our coveted new online delivery offering, we were the first retailer to combine all three delivery providers into a simple to use all-in-one interface. Alongside new changes in our supply-chain, stock management systems, and self-service tills, this game changing online delivery breakthrough provided a new avenue for incremental sales growth amongst independent retailers.

To read more about our award-winning online delivery offering, click here.

Symbol/Franchise Retailer of the Year: Winner

The Grocer Gold Awards – 2021.

One Stop tackled the COVID-19 pandemic head on. During a turbulent time for independent retailers, we championed high sales for our franchisees whilst also maintaining the highest standards to uphold our duty of care for colleagues, customers and franchisees alike. As a result of this high performance, we were identified as the Symbol/Franchise Retailer of the Year by The Grocer Gold Awards in 2021, a prestigious award amongst the retail industry.

Symbol/Franchise Retailer of the Year: Finalist

The Grocer Gold Awards – 2022.

Following a triumph through the COVID-19 pandemic, with sales remaining high in One Stop stores and smart measures being taken to protect our colleagues and customers, we were finalists in The Grocer Gold Awards 2022’s Symbol/Franchise Retail of the Year.

We have also amassed a wealth of other awards both as a brand, and with our franchisees.

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