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An empowering support network for your business

We enable independent retailers to achieve their ambitions.

Operating a successful convenience store takes hard work, determination and ambition. It also requires a supportive network – whether that be friends, family, employees or partners. One Stop is a reliable and supportive business partner that provides guidance throughout all aspects of their business. Our broad scope of support comes from our: Business Development Managers, Launch Support Managers, Franchise Action Line, IT Helpdesk, Comprehensive Training Guides, Marketing Team, and constant communication with the wider One Stop team.

We are retail experts. With over 300 franchise stores, and over 700 company stores, our estate provides us with valuable knowledge. We also have the backing of our parent company Tesco. This knowledge is used to support you. One Stop use our expertise to provide the guidance and training needed to empower independent retailers.

Learn more about each aspect of our extensive support system below, or to get in touch with a member of our team by clicking here.

“We view our franchisees as additions to our team. We want to be there to help, support and guide the franchisee’s businesses into profitable growth. There is a mutual benefit.”

-John Miller, Head of Franchise.

Business Development Managers

Your business partner with years of retail expertise.

Each One Stop franchisee has their own dedicated Business Development Manager. All Business Development Managers have an extensive retail background and insight into the convenience sector. They will understand your challenges, ambitions, and vision for the future.Every four weeks your Business Development Manager will visit your store with the aim of adding value, growing your sales, and improving your margins – as well as giving you a clear overview of your store’s finances.

Launch Support Managers

Friendly guidance throughout each stage of opening your store.

At the beginning of your One Stop journey we assign you a Launch Support Manager. A Launch Support Manager is also assigned to any new store you open with us. Their role is to oversee each step of the store-launch process, from the refit of your store to organising a grand opening event. Consequently your Launch Support Manager will be directly involved in the development of you, your store, and your team – ensuring that when your store opens, you are ready to achieve great results. Each Launch Support Manager has years of experience on the shop floor, and plays a supportive and hands-on role in ensuring that your store is to the high One Stop quality standards.

Franchise Action Line

Answering your calls and solving your issues in a flash.

If your Business Development Manager or Launch Support Manager are not immediately available, One Stop operates a Franchise Action Line. This helpdesk provides constant support through care calls, assisting you with any issues you face, guaranteeing the issue is noted and resolved as soon as possible. The Franchise Action Line works with our IT Helpdesk to efficiently address roadblocks, and understand how we can resolve your painpoints.

Comprehensive Training Guides

Educating your team on our methods to convenience success.

Transitioning into a One Stop store grants you access to lots of new technologies and proccesses. We provide training guides for you and your team, enabling you to fully understand how to operate these – all to enhance your stores operation and the customer experience.Furthermore, our training guides are always available through our ‘My Stop’ and ‘Learning with One Stop’ platforms, so even if you hire new staff, or need a refresher on how to provide the best shopping experience possible, you can access the courses.

Marketing Team

Building awareness of your store, community efforts and great products.

If a One Stop franchisee requires support with increasing sales even further, their Business Development Manager can arrange for our in-house marketing team to create and print bespoke leaflets for them. These leaflets may highlight great deals currently happening in the franchisees store, or great local products that they have available. Created by marketing experts with years of experience in the retail industry, the leaflets increase footfall to our franchisees stores.

For a no-obligation chat with a member of our team we encourage you to contact us today and find out if you are the right fit for One Stop. If you’d like to hear from our franchisees, watch the video below.

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