Forward-Thinking Solutions:

Building a safe, secure and successful future

Our business model enables us to create a successful roadmap for whatever the future holds.

The convenience industry is an ever-changing landscape. For independent retailers, external factors can weigh heavy upon their business, and without the right support may be unavoidable. At One Stop, we leverage our vast retail expertise, group insight, and trial-and-error in company stores to prepare our franchisees for the future and provide solutions for potential future issues.

Our franchisees are important to us, which is why keeping them safe throughout their retail journeys is a top priority. To learn more about how we apply forward-thinking solutions to our business model, read below.

“One Stop were so quick to respond to the pandemic, providing PPE to all the staff and myself, and looking after us… I did not have to worry about sourcing anything myself.”

-Harnek Sanghera, One Stop Franchisee.

Using Group Data

Identifying incoming trends and shifts in the market and responding quickly.

As a subsidiary of Tesco, and having a company estate of over 700 stores, we have access to an enormous amount of data to assist us in tracking market trends, whether this be consumer habits, up-and-coming products, or other factors which need to be addressed quickly to be successfully capitalised upon. Using this data, we can prepare for changing regulations, adjust planograms to present the best selling products to customers, and ensure that our franchisees are positioned perfectly for success.

Tried and Tested Projects & Solutions

Launching trials in our company stores, so franchisees reap the rewards.

It is important to us as a franchisor that our franchisees are given the best possible tools for success. To ensure that we only share successful methods with our franchisees, we trial and test launches in our 700+ company stores. With our online delivery solution, we ran a year-long trial in company stores, identifying any issues that may occur, and fixing them accordingly. After this meticulous testing period, online delivery was launched for franchisees.

The result was a huge success. Franchisees gained access to an already amazing benefit, granting them incremental sales growth through an easy-to-use online delivery system without the hiccups.

Be at the forefront of retail innovation. It all starts with a conversation. For a no-obligation chat with a member of our team we encourage you to contact us today and find out if you are the right fit for One Stop Franchise.

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