Innovative Technology:

A multi-million pound support system

Allowing technology to reduce the burden of running a successful store.

One Stop’s technology is tried-and-tested throughout our company estate. It’s award-winning. Our multi-million pound EPOS system sits at the heart of our day-to-day operations, and creates an easier life for our independent retailers. It supports smart stock management, remote access, self-service tills, online delivery, and helps our franchisees daily.

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“We have little waste now as the EPOS system tells us what to order daily. Customer confidence is high as they know they will get fresher products, leading to a bigger basket spend as they also buy other products.”

-Sunder Sandher, One Stop Franchisee.

Stock Management

Making sure you stay on track of your stock at all times.

Managing your store’s stock correctly is very important. Whether you are cutting down on waste, or purchasing new products that are in high demand with your target demographic, making the correct decisions is important. One Stop’s stock management system allows for smart ordering on best selling products, helping to suggest products depending on your demographic, previous sales, and even the weather!

Self Service Tills

Easing the flow of customers during those busy periods.

With customers looking for different ways to pay when they shop in-store, our self-service checkouts are very successful and have improved the overall customer experience. We’ve since seen reduced queuing times and an improved customer satisfaction rate in-store, all whilst taking the stress off independent retailers and their teams.

We regularly review the design layouts of our stores ensuring they’re continuing to deliver a positive shopping experience for retailers and their customers.

Remote Access

Operate your business whilst on the go or at home.

Operating a successful convenience business requires dedication – however, at One Stop, we have a simple yet effective way to improve our franchisees quality of life and allow them to manage several stores at once on the move, or from the comfort of their own home. Remote access allows stores to be managed externally, so you can make the high-level decisions whilst entrusting your managers to run the day-to-day of the store.

Online Delivery

Award-winning online delivery for incremental sales growth.

Our innovative & award-winning online delivery offering combined all three major delivery providers into one easy-to-use interface, a first for the industry.

Our online delivery offering can be read about in more detail by clicking here.

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To hear what our franchisees have to say about our technology, view the video below.

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