Investment in You & Your Business

Making sure you have the Tools for Success

Our significant co-investment opens the door to a successful convenience store.

Launching a new business venture requires hard work and capital. One Stop value independent retailers who have a drive for success, and that’s why we invest in them. Whenever a retailer or current franchisee wants to open a new store we provide a significant co-investment to cover the key aspects of a One Stop store.

You may allocate the investment anywhere you’d like, such as: a data-driven store layout, One Stop fascia & store signage, store lighting, refrigeration & fixtures, self-service tills & technologies, or Post Office & amenities. We commit to this investment to ensure that you are getting the most out of your store, and to encourage your multi-site retail ambitions if you seek to expand your business. Let’s explore some of the main areas in which you may choose to apply our co-investment, and One Stop’s unique benefits in each area below.

A Data-Driven Store Layout

We use information from over a thousand stores to design your store layout.

Consumer insights drive the layout of our stores. Each store has its own unique qualities based on its location and size, and we use tried-and-tested methods from thousands of stores to create the perfect customer experience for your store. Adjusting your store layout to your unique demographic is proven to increase footfall, increase basket spend, and consequently increase sales.

One Stop increase sales and profit in a range of different ways. If you would like to read more, click here.

Life Changing Technology

Our investment covers technology that takes the burden out of store management.

27% of convenience store owners do not take holiday each year. We think everyone is entitled to a break, especially hard working retailers. Our co-investment covers One Stop’s remote access technology, automatic stock replenishment systems and stock management systems. These systems allow you to reclaim time back for recharging, other projects, and most importantly, family.

One Stop’s technology is award-winning and highly endorsed by the industry. We encourage you to learn more about how it can help you by clicking here.

Positive Brand Recognition

Combine One Stop’s fascia with your business’ name to attract future, past and present customers.

We understand independent retailers and the role they play within their neighborhoods. Community activity is an important factor to brand recognition and acceptance from locals. We ensure our franchisees keep their brand recognition by placing their business’ name on our fascia. Using our co-investment to combine our nationally recognised brand with your locally respected business will empower you to achieve increased footfall and increased sales.

One Stop’s brand is that of reliability and value. We have a rich history of providing an excellent shopping experience. To learn more about how our brand name could benefit you, click here.

Keeping Your Store Modern

Refreshing your fixtures, fittings and equipment to stay presentable to customers.

Out of all independent retailers investing in their store, 56% invest in refrigeration, 39% in shelving and 32% in lighting. One Stop stores require a high quality of modern equipment to meet the standards of our brand. Our investment helps our franchisees meet those needs and create a customer experience that is inviting and encouraging to the shopper.

To learn about One Stop’s powerful brand image, and what it could do for your business, please click here.

“One Stop have helped us massively, the investment helps us pay towards the stores, the systems help us, it means we can run multiple stores much more easily than we would have otherwise.”

-Daniel Wilson, One Stop Franchisee.

For a no-obligation chat with a member of our team we encourage you to contact us today and find out if you are the right fit for One Stop. If you’d like further information regarding what our investment towards a store refurbishment could do for you, watch the video below.

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