Franchisee Focus: Nick Sukhadia

Franchisee Focus: Nick Sukhadia

A 300% increase in online sales with One Stop Franchise

After moving from India, Nick has been pleasantly surprised by his business opportunities.

The cost-of-living crisis can create a sense of unease for retailers when it comes to making the decision to change symbol group. However, Nick Sukhadia’s experience with moving over from a competitor to partner with One Stop has been nothing short of exceptional.

Two years ago, Nick diligently took his time, explored his options, and chose One Stop Franchise; a change that he has never looked back on. The partnership provided Nick with a safety net as he navigated the complexities of running a UK business with very different retail dynamics, compared to his homeland in India.

The most significant impact on his business has been the increase in online delivery sales, something he didn’t have with his previous symbol group, enthusiastically explaining:

“We’ve only been online for a short time, partnering with platforms like Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats, but we’ve already seen a rise of 300% in sales! We’re also seeing larger basket spends right up to £80. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the success of online as an additional revenue stream.”

Nick Sukhadia’s store in the town of Rugeley in the West Midlands.

The move has also allowed Nick to embrace the sophisticated technology systems that One Stop provide. He can now effortlessly order stock and manage his store online from virtually anywhere, thanks to an efficient EPOS system that keeps him well-informed of his inventory needs. The speed and accuracy of this data-driven approach, market leading promotions and pricing enables him to operate competitively.

John Miller, Head of One Stop Franchise comments:

“We’re glad Nick put his trust in us and moved his business to One Stop. Our entire business model is designed to make a retailer’s life easier, saving them time, support sustainable growth, and create efficient store management and ordering.

The online revenue that Nick is capitalising on is a huge growth area for our franchisees and we are delighted to be able to support retailers in adding this service to their business.”

The ease and growth potential Nick has experienced has fueled his aspiration to open more stores, as he concludes: “All the running around I used to do has completely stopped and I’m confident that with the dedicated support from One Stop I could replicate my current store operations across a larger portfolio. I’m looking forward to putting these plans in place”.

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