How do we give time back to our retailers?

How do we give time back to our retailers?

How do we give time back to our retailers?

Case study: Work life balance with Dan Amin

With a growing One Stop empire, Dan Amin still manages a successful work life balance

Maintaining a balance is important and beneficial for mental health, physical health, productivity and happiness. When there’s no control of the working day, managing a work life balance can be hard.

Dan Amin and his family own the Henley Retail Group consisting of five stores across England and they show no sign of slowing down. They’re expanding nationally and are looking to invest more to build on their portfolio. Although a successful entrepreneur, Dan manages to prioritise time for his family and friends. He discusses the main challenges he faced as an independent retailer and how the One Stop systems have helped expand his business.

Retailer Challenges

Prior to One Stop, there were many time consuming tasks that were vital when running a successful store.

Buying products was a laborious task. Stock quantities had to be thought about based on sales, season and events. Many factors had to be considered like: price and availability of products, how much can be carried in one trip and is it an essential purchase? It could take several trips a week.

Fluctuating stock prices
This makes it hard to keep up with margins. When having 4,000 lines, it’s hard to manage the prices of all the products. ‘How much did I buy this for?’ ‘How much do I have to sell it for to make a profit?’. This would all have to be done manually and on a regular basis to ensure the business wouldn’t make a loss.

Trusting employees
Looking after the store requires blind trust, so a supportive team is needed to help with the day-to-day tasks. When operating independently there’s no systems in place to monitor employee behaviour so there’s always an element of risk.

How One Stop helped

As experts in the industry, One Stop had the knowledge and experience to support Dan. The One Stop team were able to put in place a system that was proven to work, and which not only effectively managed the process, but also gave Dan back the time to expand the Henley Retail Group.

The systems One Stop use automatically calculates how much stock would be needed. It’s AI takes into consideration how much has been sold and the orders can be inputted remotely. There is also a 5-day a week delivery on ambient stock and 6-day a week delivery on fresh.

Profit margin, promotions and prices
One Stop focuses on all the prices and promotions, being retailers and subsidiary of Tesco, they have all the research and data to ensure competitiveness. This means Franchisees will no longer have to distinguish how much to sell products to make a profit and they are compensated for any margins lost during promotions. They will also benefit from 4-week promotional cycles, changing every 2 weeks and a free POS kit, so Franchisees can focus there time and efforts on the development and growth of their store.

With One Stop’s state-of-the art technology, Franchisees can monitor cash and stock. One Stop’s expert team are also able to advise on security measures, ensuring stores are implementing best practice.

By reducing the workload, more time is spent on growing the Henley Retail Group portfolio and profits, with additional stores currently in the pipeline. Dan spends more time with his family as he’s not constantly needed in his stores and he can focus on the development and wellbeing of his employees.

“Because I trust my systems, I can trust my business is in good hands. This will provide a unique opportunity for all retailers – the positive impact is obvious when you come into our stores. One Stop’s systems have helped me regain the power to be present. With the time I save, I can be there for both my employees and my family, and still run a successful business.” Dan Amin, One Stop Franchisee