John Miller & Sunder Sandher on Talking Retail Podcast

John Miller & Sunder Sandher on Talking Retail Podcast

An insight into the future of vaping

Head of Franchise John Miller and franchisee Sunder Sandher share their thoughts.

The inaugural Talking Retail Podcast recently took place with Independent Retail News editor David Shrimpton hosting a discussion between prominent retail voices such as Director of Communications for the Association of Convenience Stores Chris Noice, independent retailer Sue Nithyanadan, Head of Franchise John Miller (One Stop), and independent retailer Sunder Sandher (One Stop).

Delving into the important subject of the future of vaping, each thought leader shared their insights into the topic. Covering the issue of underage purchasing of vapes and tobacco products, Sunder and Sue shared their experience as independent retailers, and how such restrictions are not adhered to by some of their peers in convenience retail.

John and Chris discussed the future regulation which may impact the UK vaping market in the future. Highlighting an imminent impact, they discussed a potential law recently brought to the forefront by Rishi Sunak which would raise the required age of purchase each year. As a consequence to the law being introduced, tobacco and vape sales would diminish each year until non-existent.

Discussing the task of recycling disposable vapes was also on the agenda of the podcast, and each participating member touched on it briefly. Disposable vapes contribute greatly to landfill, and as more manufacturers look to create fully recyclable vapes, it seems non-recyclable options may be left behind.

To listen to the full podcast you can search ‘Talking Retail Podcast’ in Spotify, or listen on Spotify here. The podcast can also be listened to on the Talking Retail website by clicking here.

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