The Fed Talks with Priyesh & Taranjit

The Fed Talks with Priyesh & Taranjit

National Operations Manager & Franchisee discuss a Summer of Sports

With a wealth of sporting events happening this year, how is One Stop preparing to support its retailers?

Taranjit Dhillon, National Operations Manager for One Stop Franchise and One Stop Franchisee Priyesh Vekaria, Owner of Carlton Convenience recently took the time to appear on The Federation of Independent Retailers‘ The Fed Talks podcast series.

Taranjit begins by stating:

“This summer is going to be an exciting summer [with the Euros and Olympics], we also have the Paralympics and Wimbledon, we’re having a multi-channel marketing campaign for our customers, an in-store POS takeover, and promotional deals are really going to drive a lot of footfall into the business.

Priyesh touches on the importance of home delivery during sporting events, stating:

“During sporting events, and especially in summer [the customer’s] needs change, and having that home delivery service available to them, we can meet those needs, we’re there to make sure those deliveries happen in a timely manner.”

The pair, along with Nathan Hall, discuss the many opportunities on the way for independent retailers and One Stop Franchisees, and give great insight into how to run a successful convenience store.

The video acts as a great overview of the year to come, and we thank The Fed for once again having us.

To watch the full video of The Fed Talks, see the video below.

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