Franchisee Focus: Raj Sangha

Franchisee Focus: Raj Sangha

An experienced retailer looking for more customers

After 27 years of independent retailing, Raj finds great new opportunities for customers with One Stop.

Business owner Raj Sangha has been an excellent representation of the One Stop brand and our values since he first partnered with us. With a 27 year history of being an independent retail grocer prior to the partnership, he had a vast knowledge of retail.

Despite this, his sales were dropping year-on-year. Raj received a significant investment towards the refit of his store, creating additional space with intelligent store designs and planograms made using insight from our company estate.

Partnering with with One Stop changed everything for Raj, when asked to comment he said:

“One Stop have got it right when it comes to their promotions – they’re as good as anything the big supermarkets can offer. Locally, I don’t think the other shops can compete with us … and thanks to the additional space created by the refit, we’ve added a Post Office, which has helped generate extra footfall – in fact, we now serve an extra 1,500 customers a week.”

Along with having increased footfall, Raj also has access to One Stop’s award-winning online delivery offering. This allows him to provide his highly-demanded food-to-go products, market-leading promotions and seasonal deals to customers that would usually be outside his catchment.

Raj Sangha in his Stoke-on-Trent store.

Cutting-edge technology in store

A life changing opportunity for Raj.

With a multi-million pound EPoS system at his fingertips, Raj’s life was completely changed. A stock auto-replenishment system paired with remote access meant that Raj was able to spend more time with his family whilst the technology did the work for him. He found the transition to using this technology simple, due to his Business Development Manager, the Franchise Action Line, and IT Helpdesk, which were on hand whenever he encountered problems.

“The technology has made me much more independent, as previously so much of my time was taken up going to wholesalers for stock. Now I can spend more time in my store with my customers, as everything is ordered through the One Stop system. The extra time I’ve saved from not having to go to the wholesalers has given me more family time too.”

Our abundance of positive technology reviews and award wins stands testament to the dedication we put into providing our franchisees with the means to an easy life.

The impact on Raj’s profits has been significant due to a combination of increased sales, basket spend and reduction in waste.

“Our sales have increased by 45% and our basket spend has doubled, making all the difference to our margins. The support I get for the day-to-day running of the store has been incredibly beneficial to me when managing the store and it has certainly been financially rewarding.”

Raj’s sister Bal Sangha has also partnered with One Stop, running a hugely successful convenience store in Kent. Together they lead a delightful team and are achieving new heights in convenience retail.

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