Franchisee Focus: Kunal Vorha

Franchisee Focus: Kunal Vorha

A 40% increase in sales with One Stop Franchise

We travelled to our franchise store on Rose Avenue, Worcester. We met with Kunal Vohra, a young entrepreneur taking the convenience retail industry in his stride. We discussed his time with One Stop Franchise, and the benefits to his business since operating under the One Stop brand. Sunil Kumar, who is Kunal’s Business Development Manager, also stopped in to give his thoughts.

Watch the full video below:

Section One: Kunal’s Journey So Far.

Kunal began by introducing himself and talking about his experience with One Stop Franchise so far. Enjoying his switch to One Stop, he explained how prior to representing the One Stop brand he was an independent retailer. He described how his new promotions are making customers happy, and that they love shopping in One Stop.

We are always delighted to hear the effect that our brand has on customer’s shopping experiences, which is a common theme we hear when checking in with our franchisees to get their feedback. Our offering often brings new customers to stores, as we supply 400+ ‘Own Label’ and 160+ ‘Selected by Tesco’ products.

Section Two: Increased Footfall.

Kunal went on to talk about how his footfall has changed dramatically since operating under the One Stop brand. Increasing by 43%, he now serves over 500 customers a day.

“I used to serve 350 customers a day, and with One Stop I serve over 500 a day!” -Kunal Vohra, One Stop Franchise.

Section 3 & 4: Increased Sales.

Increasing his opening ours to meet the new faces in-store and demand of customers throughout the day, Kunal stated his business growth is very good with sales increasing by 40%.

By housing a stronger offering, many One Stop Franchisees see new faces enter their store. Highly competitive pricing causes stores to stand out in the local area, beating the competition. Kunal explained how he offers quality products which compete with supermarkets, a benefit that One Stop offers to all franchisees.

Section 5: Sunil Kumar, One Stop Business Development Manager.

Kunal spoke about his relationship with Sunil Kumar, his Business Development Manager, and how Sunil has assisted in increasing his sales. Our Business Development Managers grow strong relationships with our franchisees, and become their trusted retail experts. This is key to our support offering to franchisees.

Interested in learning how you could benefit with One Stop Franchise? It all starts with a conversation. For a no-obligation chat with a member of our team we encourage you to contact us today and find out if you are the right fit for One Stop Franchise.