Building Your Store: Time-lapse Video

Building Your Store: Time-lapse Video

Creating your vision for the future

We take your store, or a site you have located, and turn it into a successful convenience store.

Whether you currently operate a store, or have a fresh site ready to be transformed into an operating store, refurbishment can be hard to visualise. We recorded the transformation process to clearly show you what can be achieved. View the time-lapse below to see what the future of your site could be.

Building your future in under two weeks

We hit the ground running, ensuring that your shop is open and earning money as soon as possible.

Shown in the time-lapse, we can have your store up-and-running in no time. Once your store is built, you have access to all of the benefits afforded to a One Stop franchisee.

As part of your package, One Stop Franchise offers the following:

  • A significant investment towards your refurbishment.
  • A multi-million-pound EPOS system covering: stock management, remote access, and self-checkouts all with a user-friendly hand-held terminal designed with the user in mind.
  • High quality ‘Own Label’ and ‘Selected By Tesco’ One Stop products.
  • Long-term offers on fresh, frozen, meal deals, confectionary and off-license.
  • Striking point of sale and intelligent store design to compliment your new offering.
  • 6-day-a-week fresh deliveries and 3-day-a-week ambient deliveries.
  • An award-winning online offering.
  • Bi-weekly planogram and promotion changes reduce customer fatigue.
  • And much more…

One Stop Franchise is not a one-size-fits all model. We know the right retailer is required to fuel a mutually successful relationship, and we would love to see if you are right for us.

We discussed the joining process with Matthew Elliott, Head of Recruitment who stated:

“It all starts with a conversation. Sometimes, we can identify a perfect fit for One Stop instantly, and if the retailer does not seem to be a fit, we point them in the best direction for their needs.”

To learn more about One Stop Franchise and how we can work together, we welcome you to a no-obligation chat! Our retail experts will discuss your business and give you free advice for the future.