Nathan and Anish’s 30 under Thirty awards victory

Nathan and Anish’s 30 under Thirty awards victory

Shining a light on and awarding young UK retailers

One Stop Franchisees approaching the industry with a fresh mindset.

In November it was revealed that two of One Stop’s franchisees had won RN 30 under Thirty awards, which are now celebrating their third year of highlighting young achievers in the convenience industry. The selection of winners is decided based on sales figures, profits, growth, showcasing of new ideas, innovative cost saving methods and overall character.

The two winners from One Stop Franchise were: Nathan Whiteside, with stores in Rhyl and Prestatyn (Wales), and Anish Panchmatia, with a store in Wylde Green (England).

Nathan Whiteside, Rhyl and Prestatyn.

Nathan Whiteside is a third-generation retailer from Wales who has been applying a fresh mindset to his stores. His commitment to both his local community and his staff has set him apart from the competition, which has been reflected directly in his sales.

Supporting local grass roots football teams, school netball teams, a local boxing club, local foodbanks and other charitable events, such as raising £1,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK Rhyl Fundraising Group, Nathan has been an incredible member of his local community.

Anish Panchmatia, Wylde Green.

Anish Panchmatia is a perfect representative of the One Stop Franchise brand, taking on industry trends head first and applying an innovative mindset to ensure that difficult times are met head on and solutions are found.

Congratulations to Nathan and Anish on the winning this year’s awards. We are excited to see what fresh insights you continue to bring to our industry throughout your promising retail careers.

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