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How One Stop has helped franchisees to give customers their best ever Christmas

19 December 2018

One Stop’s franchisees are enjoying their biggest, most customer engaging Christmas season to date, with One Stop’s first online Christmas game and a series of money-saving in-store promotions – which have proved a hit with their franchisees and shoppers alike.

In addition to One Stop’s Great Advent Giveaway – an online game created by retail specialist marketing agency Liquorice – the franchises have been running a different ‘Christmas Countdown promotion’ every week since mid-November, offering their customers money-saving deals on a variety of Christmas essentials, from snacks and chocolates to drinks.

All of which has been brought to life in store by one of One Stop’s most vibrant sets of point-of-sale – one of One Stop franchises’ main weapons in the quest to win customers’ hearts and minds this Christmas.

Blair Southwood, who alongside his wife Angela has run One Stop’s Franchise in Brackenborough Road, Louth since 2015, says he’s been bowled over by his customers’ reactions.

“We’re currently doing three boxes of chocolates for £5 – and they’re just selling themselves. Customers can’t believe it’s such a good deal! They actually ask me “How come they’re so cheap?” And all I can tell them it’s on promotion.”

“We are able to build loyalty with our customers through our strong promotions, we get customers coming back to us time after time despite having tough local competition around the store.”

One Stop’s range of Christmas gifts are proving equally popular, too. Franchisees like Blair & Angela’s have fed back that – unlike when they were independent stores, for example – they’re now able to sell all their Christmas stock, rather than being left over with products in the New Year. Meaning they’re able to hit the ground running in the New Year and move on to the next promotion.

That increase in demand has also opened the door to another opportunity for many franchisees – opening on Christmas Day. Previously it simply wasn’t something that franchises found was worth their while, demand being few and far between. But Blair describes how he opened on Christmas Day a few years ago just to see what happened – and it was busy the whole time. So now he opens the store for six hours every 25th of December; the demand is there, he explains.

That’s also partly down to One Stop’s self-ordering system, which really comes into its own in the run up to Christmas. Having deliveries direct to store means we can spend time in the store with our customers. Ordering takes no more than twenty minutes and franchisees enjoy on average three or four stock deliveries a week right to their doorstep.

So how would Blair sum up running a One Stop franchise in the run up to Christmas? He’s unequivocal in his praise:

“One Stop and Christmas are an absolutely fantastic combination. Their promotions and everything are absolutely spot on. The support we get is absolutely fantastic. I really feel joining them was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

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