Helping franchisees cash-flow through single pick spirits

June 2017

One Stop are increasing the amount of single pick lines available to their Franchisees to help reduce upfront costs for range reviews, relieving valuable cash-flow whilst driving sales.

One Stop gathers franchisee feedback as part of their ‘you asked, we listened’ process to ensure they are meeting the regular requests of new lines from franchisees, as it allows stores to ‘dip their toe in’ with some unfamiliar products and not tie up all their cash ordering 6 or 12 bottles (often amounting to over £100 stockholding on a single line) of potentially slower moving lines.

As a result, One Stop have added a further 10 spirit lines to their already impressive number of over 300 single pick lines available to franchisees. New additions to the range available for single pick include Vodka lines such as Ciroc, Grey Goose and Absolut. Greenall’s and Tanqueray Gins have been added, along with Jim Bean White Bourbon, Chivas Regal Whisky, Jura Origin Whisky and Antica Sambuca.

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