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£4,000 rise in sales after just 6 weeks, for new One Stop franchisee

17 May 2017

Franchisee Gaz Bains has reported a £4,000 rise in his weekly sales, just 6 weeks since opening as a One Stop.

The Bains family have been operating their Belgrave Road, Coventry store for over 5 years, but when year-on-year sales decreased it prompted them to look at their business differently. The store was officially opened Lord Mayor of Coventry Lindsley Harvard on 25th March and the early signs are very positive, says Gaz Bains: “The move to One Stop has already proven to be a success and has breathed new life into our business, as we were going backwards. The entire team has been fantastic, the level of support and insight you receive is first class. In just 6 weeks we are averaging more than what we ever achieved with our previous group. Customers have said how much they love the new look and feel of the store, our increased chilled range and the strength of One Stop’s promotions. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is all the old faces are coming back in, customers who had stopped shopping with us because of their changing needs, are now returning – so footfall and basket spend are growing too!

John Miller, Head of Operations for One Stop Franchise commented: “It’s another great example of how our model, when placed in the hands of a progressive retailer, can truly transform a business. We work with our retailers to maximise every inch of space to help unlock their stores full potential. With operating costs continually rising, retailers should start thinking about their customers and the offer they provide. Partnering with a trusted national brand, while retaining your independence is just one of our many benefits.”

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