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Business Development Managers are committed to supporting franchisees right from the very start. From helping manage new technology, analysing sales and costs to providing all the insight needed to take any business forward – they are on hand to share their expertise and make a business vision a reality.

If you want to find out more about how a BDM can help transform your business, here’s a look at what our team can offer:

Store visits every four weeks from experienced retailers 

All BDMs are former retailers (it’s in their blood), so they fully understand the market we operate in and the demands it has on our time. BDMs visit each store every 4 weeks for a minimum of 3 hours bringing with them their in-depth retailer knowledge. With all of the legislation changes continuing to challenge us all, you can rest assured that we are always working to keep our franchisees safe and legal.

BDMs objective is to add value and grow businesses! 

Raj Sangha of Jerry’s Lane, Erdington shares his thoughts on his BDM support, ‘My BDM visits at least every four weeks and always comes prepared with bags of useful information. Together we are always thinking ahead putting together medium and long-term goals, not just looking at the short term.’

Since joining One Stop Franchise Raj’s weekly sales have grown by over 60%

Business growth is our number 1 priority

When a franchisee’s business grows, we grow, so it’s in our best interest to help maximise stores sales. Our BDMs are trusted advisers who act and advise businesses, with their best interests at heart.  We expect high standards and through high standards comes customer satisfaction and more profit.

Armed with a wealth of performance data our BDMs will analyse everything from sales, footfall and mix to promotional performance. All of our in-depth reporting means a clear understanding of how every inch of a store is performing, and from there we can start to identify how we grow a business, sales, profit, standards and reduce costs!

Our focus on delivering channel leading growth is paying dividends for our franchisees. It’s why they experience an average of +9.9% growth in the first year of joining One Stop, coupled with an avg. +4% growth in transactions and 5% in Basket Spend!

Sunder Sandher who runs a One Stop store in Leamington Spa says, ‘My Business Development Manager was fantastic in helping me move the business from where it was to where we are today… we also have a review every 4 weeks with our BDM. It’s a chance to discuss facts and figures for the business and deal with any issues or changes we need to make.’

Since joining One Stop Franchise Sunder’s weekly sales have grown by over 80%

We deal with problems efficiently

We understand that within every business problems will arise, but it’s how they’re dealt with that truly matters. If you can manage the problem effectively and learn from it, you will progress and grow in a positive way.

Blair Southwood, who owns a One Stop Franchise in Louth explains, ‘There have been a few issues, but we are delighted by the way those issues have been dealt with both quickly and efficiently. To know that we can at any point contact not only our BDM, but also the Head of Franchise Operations is fantastic. Any concerns or questions we have are listened to very carefully and our feedback is greatly appreciated. We don’t feel as if we are on our own!’

Since joining One Stop Franchise Blair’s weekly sales have more than doubled!

We’re always a phone call away 

We pride ourselves on always being there for our franchisees which is why in addition to a dedicated Business Development Manager, our support team are on hand 7 days a week.

We are able to assist with lots of different types of queries including:

  • Orders and deliveries
  • Scanning and prices
  • Promotions and POS
  • Merchandising and ranging
  • Maintenance and new retailer enquiries
  • Customer enquiries

The team are experienced, many coming from our stores so they understand the pressures, issues and are experienced in the ways of working and routines. If required they can also gain remote access into the Franchisees back-office and see any issues in their live environment enabling the team to help quicker.

The One Stop Franchise Support Team does the hard work for the franchisee’s liaising with all company functions across the wider business, ensuring queries are resolved as quickly as possible.