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When we ask our Franchisees why they left their last supply partners, one answer comes through loud and clear: the lack of day-to-day support. That’s why our award-winning Franchise model puts support right at its heart – meaning our Franchisees have the advice, the guidance and the training they need to truly fulfil their potential.

For a start, you’ll have your own Business Development Manager (BDM). Every BDM comes from a retail background, so you’ll have someone who already understands your challenges and ambitions. They’ll visit you at least once every four weeks with the aim of adding value, growing your sales and improving your margins – as well as giving you a clear overview of your store’s finances. Not, in other words, just turning up to sell you product lines you don’t want.

They’ll also be at the end of a phoneline when they’re not in your store – and if you can’t reach them, you can call our Franchise Helpdesk. That’s the kind of support retailers have told us they need – and when you join One Stop, that’s the kind of support you’ll get. Watch the film below to find out more.

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More cash in your pocket

More cash
in your pocket

One Stop Franchisees have seen back-to-back growth each year since 2014, with fully-fitted stores increasing their weekly sales by an average of more than 14% in the first 13 weeks alone. All thanks to our customer-focused Franchise business model.

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£50,000 store investment

store investment

When you join One Stop we’ll give your store a fully-managed refresh up to the value of £50,000. New layout, new fixtures and new fittings inside and out, plus a special Opening Day celebration.

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the future of your store

the future of
your store

It’s good to know that, whatever’s happening in the world, you’ll always be able to react and adapt – whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic or something more every day. We’ll ensure you’re resilient enough to respond to challenges, whatever they may be.

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Time-saving technology


Our state-of-the-art EPOS system manages everything from transactions to sales reporting, whilst our auto-replenishment system ensures you always have a well-stocked store. Plus, thanks to our market-leading supply chain and merchandising system, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’ll always get the right products for your shoppers right when you need them.

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