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Franchise your business:
why you should choose us

Whether you’re currently running a symbol group store or are an independent retailer, teaming up with One Stop as a Franchisee could really set you on the path to success. So, what is a Franchise and how does it all work?

A Franchise is an opportunity to join an established, successful brand – whilst remaining your own boss. It gives you all the benefits of being part of the One Stop family (including access to our considerable retail knowledge and expertise, as well as greater buying power plus advice, guidance and help seven days week) along with the freedom to run your business your way.

Simply put, opening a Franchise with One Stop puts you in the driving seat, with all the support you’ll ever need.

Benefits over symbol group stores

  • More retail expertise than symbol groups (who are primarily suppliers and wholesalers, rather than nationwide Franchisors like One Stop)
  • Advice, support and guidance, whenever you need it – thanks to your own dedicated Business Development Manager and our Franchise Helpdesk
  • Proven, market-leading systems you can trust and rely on – allowing you to grow your business as well as enjoy a healthy work / life balance

Benefits over independent stores

  • External support and expertise – giving you and your business the backing and tools it needs to be truly successful in an ever-more demanding and competitive market
  • The backing of a national brand behind you every step of the way – allowing you to run high margin promotions that work for you and your customers
  • Shopper insights based on all of our customers, right across our Franchise network
  • The best of both worlds – you’re still in control of your business, but with an incredible team helping you all the way

How to make your own business work for you

Be your own boss with the size, scale, scope and support of one of the UK’s favourite convenience stores on your side. Franchise your business today.

Learn more about Franchising.

Want to learn more about Franchising? Get in touch with our team of friendly experts for a no commitment conversation today. Alternatively, check out our free ebook which is filled with plenty of hints and tips, plus some essential information to help get you started.

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Six benefits to transform your business

From a dedicated support team and time-saving technology, to market-leading promotions, more cash in your pocket and the reassurance of a national brand always having your back, nobody offers Franchisees more than One Stop. Add to that a £50,000 store refit and it all works out to an unbeatable combination.

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One Stop?

Become a One Stop Franchisee and you’ll have a national business behind you, dedicated to giving you everything you need to grow and fulfil your potential.

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What is
a Franchise?

Find out why our Franchise model beats running a symbol group or an independent store.
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