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Technology enhancements for One Stop Franchisees

13 May 2015

One Stop Franchise is rolling out remote access to its arsenal of systems, aimed at making retail simpler for franchisees. This new facility will allow retailers to access their store’s back office PC and even place orders from anywhere in the world.

The remote access facility has been developed and trialled to help franchisees run their businesses more efficiently, without being tied to the store environment. The new system allows retailers to access a number of business tools from their dedicated landing page, including their VAT report, Product Catalogue and Sales & Margin reports. In addition, all reports can be downloaded and exported into Excel for further analysis.

Also launching on the same platform is One Stop’s store fact sheet, which gives retailers a complete overview of their store’s performance on a single page. Included in this document are the following aspects: store-specific information such as opening times, first and last transactions, sales split by category, historical comparisons, write-off and shrinkage, POR (profit on return) mix across categories, performance pre- and post-refit, customer count and average spend.

In addition to the reports that are available, franchisees can also select a direct link to their back office in-store. This feature allows retailers to benefit from the full functionality of One Stop’s FranchiseNet system, including the option to change product prices, review stock, access training materials and stock updates and place orders. The latter is proving particularly beneficial for multi-site operators. Later in the year, One Stop are planning to enhance their much-used ‘Local Choice’ facility, allowing franchisees to change their planograms remotely.

Southampton-based One Stop franchisee, Steve Bassett, commented:
“I’ve taken part in the trial and have been delighted with the benefits of having remote access to the back office, as well as the enhanced reporting. It’s made my life so much easier, as I can support the store when I’m not physically there and help with any questions they have by seeing exactly what they can see. Data that was only previously available in-store is now with me all the time on my laptop. It’s also helping to manage my store manager; it’s much easier to give them holidays and time off, now that I can log into the ordering app remotely to check the orders if needed. Plus of course I can run reports remotely and check on the progress of stock inventories etc. It’s a real time saver and incredibly convenient.”

The roll-out to existing franchisees will commence this week, whilst all future franchisees will have the option of remote access as a standard part of their package.

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