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One Stop BDM's Praised as 'Best in the Business'

22 September 2016

Retailers at heart, One Stop Franchise know that there’s never been a more challenging time to be an Independent retailer. Fierce competition coupled with rising costs and customers ever changing shopping needs, requires you to be at the top of your game. Not only do you need to quickly adapt to change, but you’ve got to come up with more and more new ideas to give your store a competitive edge. Retailing doesn’t come easily to everyone, that’s why One Stop’s Business Development Managers are carefully selected to help retailers drive their business forward and act as a trusted advisor to compliment the business.

If your store needs to match your customers needs, your Business Development Manager will offer advice in order to make your life easier. One Stop Franchise are finding that one of the main reasons so many retailers are switching over to them, is that they aren’t getting enough support to compete, let alone grow their business!

“One Stop’s Business Development Managers are some of the best in the business! The level of support you receive doesn’t depend on how much stock you buy”, said Raj Sangha of Jerry’s Lane, Erdington. “When I first joined One Stop I was overwhelmed by the amount of support my BDM provided, but I did think that like other groups this would fade once I was up-and-running. I couldn’t have been more wrong! My BDM visits every 4 weeks, armed with a clear action plan to further grow my sales and margin. We discuss both short and long term plans, which fills me with confidence that One Stop have a strategy for my store 2/3 years down the line. When my sales recently grew by 30% I was thrilled, but my BDM kept coming back at me with new ideas, things I would never had considered, that he knew was performing well in their company stores and would work in mine. How right he was, my customers love our every evolving offer and within less than a year of joining One Stop we’re up to 56% – the sky’s the limit and I can confidently say the remit of a One Stop BDM really is to add value, not sell boxes.”

Every store has their own dedicated Business Development Manager visit every 4 weeks. During their 3 hour visit, BDMs work with franchisees and their store teams to help grow sales and improve margins. They have a suite of commercial data and reports to help guide your business down the right path. Space and range model data, shrink & waste, stock valuation and top and bottom sellers in their store are just a few of the vast amount of insights available to franchisees.

“It’s all the additional support that sets One Stop’s BDMs apart. Whether it’s legal, security, stock inventory or community engagement, I know I can pick up the phone 24/7 for advice, added Sunder Sandher of One Stop Leamington Spa. “I have a great open and honest relationship with my BDM, it’s such a refreshing change to feel like you have a business partner you can trust, that listens and actions on your feedback. My business continues to grow every year and my BDM has been pivotal in us growing 75% in less than 3 years of joining One Stop.”

Working together One Stop’s BDMs co-create clear action plans to drive continuous improvement throughout stores, a big part of this providing their franchisees with an indicative P&L every month, which ensures a clear proactive financial plan is set out.

John Miller, Head of Operations commented, “Our approach is full transparency, we push and challenge in the right way, working with our franchise partners to transform all areas of their business. The wealth of industry-leading reporting tools available to franchisees, help make informed decisions about which categories to grow and underperforming areas to tackle. The level of support and unique relationships our BDMs have with their franchisees is unparalleled, a true partnership of equal responsibility – that’s how you truly grow together.

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