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One Stop goes fresh!

23 May 2016

One Stop has launched their new fresh range across its’ stores nationwide bringing in 85 new lines across the range with a focus on fresh meat, produce and ready meals.

At the same time One Stop also invested in permanently reducing prices to give customers better value for money, brought to life as part of their ‘price drop’ campaign. This includes reducing the price of 350g broccoli, 6 pack tomatoes, 2 pack of mixed peppers, cucumber, 100g fine beans, iceberg lettuce and 250g cherry tomatoes all to 75p each; 300g Chicken breasts and 195g Rump Steak to £3 each and a 2 pack of Pork loin steaks to £2.

One Stop also moved their evening meal deal from 3 for £6, to 2 for £4 after conducting a trial across a number of stores and seeing a significant uplift in participation. The offer now encompasses pizzas and garlic bread along with ready meals and desserts as it did before.

Their lunchtime meal deal has been upgraded and now offers hundreds of choices and great value for money with all premium sandwiches included as a main along with Uncle Ben’s Rice Time and Dolmio Pasta Vita pots.

“Initial performance looks encouraging for us, customers have responded positively and like the changes and investments we have made,” says Lizzie Reynolds, Customer Director at One Stop. “We have used a very targeted approach with this range reset to ensure we are offering people what they have told us they want based on their shopping missions, and the results are speaking for themselves.”

Franchisee’s have also been seeing the benefit of the range reset, hearing from Jeeta a Franchisee on Woodhouse Street in Leeds, “One Stops’ new fresh range is much bigger and better with a lot more choice for customers. We’re finding the improved range has had an uplift on our grocery sales of cooking sauces too which is great. The ‘price drop’ campaign has been the talk of my local community with customers viewing prices as being very competitive. The advertising has also been really strong, the awareness of our range amongst customers is much improved. The lunchtime meal deal has been really popular since it re-launched with a bigger range, there are much better snacks and a wider range of mains available. We’ve noticed customers are spending more and buying more variety of food across the store so we’re very happy with the larger range and its performance.”

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