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#allinittogether – investment and costs of a One Stop Franchise

14 June 2016

One Stop Franchise has made everything as simple as possible with no hidden costs, surcharges or levies. The cost of becoming a franchisee with One Stop Franchise is extremely competitive and can be paid on a weekly, annually or 5 yearly (paid at the start of the Franchise) basis. The maximum cost is £92 per week and the only essential costs that need to be paid for after this are for broadband installation and line rental. In fact, One Stop Franchise doesn’t even charge a maintenance fee for their EPOS system!

To ensure Franchise stores have a consistent look and feel, One Stop Franchise invests £50,000 in every store. If it’s not necessary to spend the full amount on day one, the balance is set aside for future needs, such as increasing refrigeration, and every franchisee receives the same investment!

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