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One Stop launches rebrand of their successful customer satisfaction programme, and rolls out to Franchisee’s!

6 July 2016

One Stop launched ‘My Local One Stop’(MLOS), their customer satisfaction programme, back in July 2013 to be more in touch with customers and understand in greater detail what makes them tick with the intention of improving the experience for every customer in each and every store. MLOS has given One Stop live customer feedback, reported in real time to enable them to make business decisions and changes, both large and small, that make a difference to customers.

Working from the beginning with Service Management Group (SMG) to deliver the programme, One Stop have reached over 100,000 unique customer responses (and counting), the survey’s popularity has grown dramatically since launch and One Stop felt a rebrand of the programme was due to reignite colleague and customer engagement and bring the branding in line with all the great work to drive customer engagement with fresh.

Jeremy Michael, Managing Director at Service Management Group commented, ‘The commitment that One Stop continues to give to its customers is commendable. Many businesses look at consumer data, but One Stop is one of those companies that genuinely takes action based on insight to improve their offering. The fact that the Food for Thought programme is being extended to the franchisees demonstrates their keen desire to continue to put customers at the heart of their business. At SMG, we are proud to have One Stop as a client as they truly use data and insight in the best possible way’.

Prior to this rebrand One Stop Franchise stores did not have access to the programme, however from July 1st all franchisee’s have their stores included in the programme free of charge, including free supporting POS in store to launch to their local community. As with the wider One Stop company estate this will give franchisee’s specific store level insight to make real time improvements for their customers. It will enable them to identify areas to focus on to allow for constant improvement, and BDM’s will also have access to the data to suggest ways to make improvements and further enhance sales. Franchisees will also benefit from experience from company stores and successful initiatives implemented across those.

Lizzie Reynolds, Customer Director at One Stop comments, ‘We’re delighted to be able to offer this out to all our Franchisee’s as we know the difference it has made to our business. The insight we gain from the programme has allowed us to make some simple changes for the greater good of our customers. We also know that customer satisfaction links to achieving higher like-for-like sales. We have found the top third of stores where customers are ‘highly likely to recommend’ also see stronger LFL sales compared to those in the middle or bottom. Giving our stores the tools to review their scores and supporting them in making changes to improve their offer, be it, queuing time, cleanliness, or customer service all make a huge positive impact on our customer satisfaction and sales alike.’

The tool will also help Franchisee’s highlight exceptional service so they can reward colleagues, as well as flagging negative experiences in store, allowing Franchisees the opportunity to further train colleagues and provide additional support they might not have known was needed.

Andrew King, One Stop Franchise Director says, ‘This is a great tool to be able to offer our Franchisees. If our Franchisees use the tool to improve service and operations in their stores, this should in turn improve the overall customer experience and their likelihood to recommend the store, leading to more sales for the Franchisee. It’s a very powerful tool and I’ll be interested to see what changes we see from our Franchisees following the launch on July 1st.’

The rebrand includes a rename to ‘Food for Thought’which was felt to help make it easier to understand what it’s about for customers, with the use of various foods to bring different messages to life, all in keeping with the new One Stop look and feel. Customers access the programme as before through an invite card and/or a receipt in store, completing the survey on their mobile, desktop or via the telephone. The activation will be in store, across social and on the One Stop website and it launches with a chance to win £100 for filling out the survey. Different prizes will be available every month to incentivise customers to get involved and give their feedback.

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