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The power of One Stop range resets – making your space work harder

13 January 2017

In any one year, One Stop completes one major range reset across all its categories with Chilled & Fresh having two due to its more seasonal nature, a total of approximately 26 range resets. Important changes, such as brand launches, are not missed either with minor planogram amends made throughout the year. This enables One Stop to ensure they are getting the best return on the space they have in every store maximising the profitability of each and every inch.

Franchisees benefit directly from both the frequency and from the level of detail that One Stop puts into building up a category range review. This process sees the Merchandising team working closely with the Buying team, selected suppliers, and Customer Insight to build up a complete picture of how the category is operating, how customers shop it and what products would better deliver. Although primarily customer led, range reviews also use plenty of hard data to support the decisions made, notably sales data, supplier category data, market research and category trends.

Once the range has been decided on the planograms are built to reflect all of the knowledge gleaned from the review process. Once complete each store’s sales data is used to determine the best execution of the new planograms to optimise sales, profit measures and case fill meaning each store’s plan can be entirely unique.

Sunder Sandher commented, “One of the main reasons my sales are up 76% since joining One Stop, is because of the frequency and detail of their range reviews. Not being able to increase the size of my store meant that I had to sweat the space I do have, even harder. The amount of lines I have are less, but their contribution is greater. One Stop’s expertise means that I no longer have to worry, they ensure I am always stocking the best performing lines across every single category, allowing me to get the maximum return on the space available to that product.”

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